First Heavy Haul Company (PTK) is a group of companies providing rail freight transport services in the 1.520 mm gauge area using new-generation cars. The group is controlled by PTK-Holding.

PTK’s operations are focused on new and more efficient approaches to rail transportation of coal. The company is working with Russian Railways to develop heavy haul traffic technologies which can increase throughput capacity of the country’s railway infrastructure. PTK (First Heavy Haul Company) teams with Russian Railways and shippers to arrange trains of railcars with increased payload capacity on Russia’s principal coal transportation routes: Kuzbass — Far East (7.100-ton trains) and Kuzbass — North-West (trains up to 9.000 tons).

First Heavy Haul Company

First Heavy Haul Company (PTK) established in July, 2016 as major owner and operator of increased payload capacity rolling stock in Russian Federation.  
PTK has rated INFOLine Rail Russia TOP at the leading place by productivity of rolling stock.

Acquisition of Vostok1520 gave PTK access to best practice in management of railcars with increased payload capacity. Vostok1520 is characterized by high productivity of the technically advanced and cost-effective railcars it operates.

Vostok1520 railcars outperform the average operating metrics for cars on the Russian Railways network by more than two times. Cars equipped with 25th bogies have become an essential part of the Russian rail transport market in recent years and their share in the overall fleet is constantly increasing. Greater payload capacity has made it possible to increase export volumes, overcoming infrastructure limitations.


PTK is a group of companies specialized in the provision of rail freight services using new-generation cars (Vostok1520) in the 1.520 mm gauge area. The controlling company of the group is PTK-Holding.


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