16 November 2018

Shipments by Vostok1520 to energy enterprises almost double in October

Railway operator Vostok1520 (part of First Heavy Haul Company) shipped 4.8 million tonnes of coal to energy enterprises in the first ten months of 2018, representing a 70% increase on the figure for the same period last year. Around 572,000 tonnes of fuel were shipped to energy producers in October 2018, almost double the figure for October 2017.

Among the key recipients were several major enterprises in Russia's regions, including Novosibirskenergo, Biyskenergo, DGK(a Khabarovsk and Primorye Territory company), Barnaulskaya TETs-3, and Kuzbassenergo.

Vostok1520 is increasing its overall volumes of fuel shipments for the domestic Russian market. In October 1.3 million tonnes of fuel were supplied to Russian companies, accounting for 24% of all shipments.