17 December 2018

First Heavy Haul Company retains its rolling stock fleet efficiency leadership

First Heavy Haul Company was once again ranked first by INFOLine Rail Russia TOP in its productivity ranking of Russia's rolling stock fleets for the first nine months of 2018. The company was able to hold on to its leading position thanks to its advanced-technology transportation methods, using high-capacity freight cars which ensure a high level of freight turnover per car per day.

The company is able to ensure high levels of productivity thanks to the guaranteed maintenance-free service of up to 6,000 km, the elimination of unproductive idle periods, and reduced uncoupling for current maintenance compared with standard cars. These factors allow the fleet to provide higher effective output in unit time across the network.

First Heavy Haul Company took 7thplace in the ranking of the top 30 rolling stock operators. The operator is increasing its carrying capacity at a fast pace, outstripping the figures from last year for shipments within the Russian market.